With our patent pending technology, we are able to process invoices and purchase orders to and from the vendor to the business owner. No longer pay to have your invoices manually entered. Send your purchase orders from you smart phone. Review your invoice information same day as delivery. Keep track of your weekly purchases. Our mission is to save time, money and increase YOUR level of production.

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Patent Pending Technology


We are designed to save you time, money and increase your production Here is how…on the average it take 5-8 hours a month for a small sized business to enter their invoices into their accounting system. If you paid someone $15 an hour the total labor cost comes out to about $120.00 plus payroll taxes. The first month of using NEXIN, you not only save money and time, you now have 5-8 hours of labor that can focus on other parts of your business.

Simply log into Nexin and create send a Purchase Order.            

You will receive your invoice in your Nexin account.

Once it is time to pay your Net terms, simply select and pay which invoices you want to include and click Pay.  Payment automatically gets deposited into vendors account via ACH.  Access your payment log to confirm payment.


“I downloaded the NEXIN app and now I am able to create, send and store this week’s purchase orders using my phone.

“I own a chain of 30 franchise stores. I thought about hiring a programmer to make our own software. But when I found NEXIN and saw how affordable and robust it is, I am glad I waited. This app is perfect for my growing business! All my franchisees love it.”

“I need a purchase order app. to keep track of my weekly purchases. Even though my vendor does not use NEXIN, I still can. I am able to create a Purchase Order and send it to my food rep via email. I don’t have to make a phone call in the morning. All my orders are stored in the cloud. Once I get the invoice with the delivery, I simply log into NEXIN convert the PO into an invoice, edit price changes and view my cost of goods reports within minutes.”

“My vendor told me about NEXIN and they said that they use this gateway to connect to their customers.

Every week they update their prices and I am now able to create, send and store my purchase orders every week using my smartphone.”

“I use three national food vendors for my steak house. They all have their own IT departments and are able to send me my invoices digitally. All my weekly purchases are loaded automatically into NEXIN ready for me to review.

On delivery day, I get an email telling me my invoice has been added to my account.”