With our patent pending technology, we are able to process invoices and purchase orders to and from the vendor to the business owner. No longer pay to have your invoices manually entered. Send your purchase orders from you smart phone. Review your invoice information same day as delivery. Keep track of your weekly purchases. Our mission is to save time, money and increase YOUR level of production.

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Food Vendor Network

Get paid 3x faster using ACH

Use our software for FREE to send invoices to your customers.

Providing excellent service to your customers is a must in this industry.

Just by sending invoices to the business owner will help them to cut down their labor cost and increase their efficiency by getting their purchase data the same day as delivery.

Saving your customers in time and labor cost will surely by appreciated.

You are helping  your customer.s to become more efficient in their daily operations.

No more phone calls needed.  Receive purchase orders directly to your NEXIN account or to a sales representation via email.




Why third party software makes sense

We understand you already have your own web-based application

NEXIN is similar to your proprietary application yet different. We are third party, which means that your customer is receiving their invoices from all their vendors.

The advantage is that the business owner can see all their orders coming in during the week in one cloud application without paying a dime in manual data entry. The business owner does not have to log into multiple vendor applications to view their purchases.


How do you benefit?

NEXIN is FREE to use

IT costs are all included: Storage, broadband, programming, updates and hardware.

Automated payment deposits into your bank account
Receive incoming purchase orders
Update your item prices quickly send credit memo keep track of who owes you using our Account Receivable feature
Send a credit memo
Keep track of who owes you using our Accounts Receivable feature
Update your prices one time on your master catalog 

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