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With our patent pending technology, we are able to process invoices and purchase orders to and from the vendor to the business owner. No longer pay to have your invoices manually entered. Send your purchase orders from you smart phone. Review your invoice information same day as delivery. Keep track of your weekly purchases. Our mission is to save time, money and increase YOUR level of production.

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NEXIN is a data service provider for the hospitality industry. We connect business owners to their vendors using our cloud application.  Business owners are able to create and send a purchase order directly to their vendor as well as being able to view incoming invoices off their mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Restaurant owner Joel Nakabayashi founded NEXIN GATEWAY.  For 18 years Joel got fed up having workers lose invoices or enter the wrong amount into the accounting system.  Once the smart phone apps came out, he decided to produce his own COGS management tool to eliminate the mistakes and help others so they do not have to experience the same frustration.

Our core mission statement is: Increase the level of production.