Automated platform for Restaurant Bookkeeping

Waiting for your financial reports 10 days after the month has ended. We combined the power of Automation and a dedicated team of Professional Bookkeepers to keep your books current along with performance insights on your business operations.  If you prefer In-house, we have a DIY package just for you or your Accountant.

What is Industry Specific Software (ISS)? A platform designed with multiple features that are specifically for an unique industry.  The next generation of business owners have grown up on Internet technology. They expect to use software products that are feature enriched and networked with their industry.

Why Nexin?

We solve the pain and hassle in many arenas including: manual data entry, check writing, scanning invoices, exporting and importing data, accounting journal entries, multiple web site log in and emailing purchase orders.

Key Features
ISS Features Traditional
B2B Vendor relations Peer-2-Peer data transfer A-Z accounting ledger entries ACH Bill Pay Paperless invoicing Pattern purchase Bulk Purchase Orders Weekly operating expense pattern Manager sales entry Automated Accounts Payable Cash Flow report Chart of Accounts Financial Statements Payroll Reconciliation Sales Tax

Running a restaurant is a 7-day business.

We believe that to be successful in running a restaurant, you need to keep it simple as possible and execute a repetitive routine. We suggest doing the same thing every 7 days. What we mean by that is watching your Prime Numbers; how they relate to each other, then make adjustments. Prime Numbers are basically three categories, which include Sales, Cost of Goods Sold and Payroll. Once you understand what and how Prime Numbers work, boosting profits are just days away. Here is a list of reports and task we provide in our 7-day philosophy.

  • Bank and CC reconciliation
  • 7-day vendor paid report
  • Weekly vendor paid report
  • Category 7-day inventory items
  • Category weekly inventory items
  • Category sales – Category inventory items – Detailed payroll
  • 7-day Prime Report Less Sales – COGS & Labor
  • Weekly Prime Report Less Sales – COGS & Labor

Do you know your business?

  • What are your sales per square footage?
  • What are your sales per hour
  • What are your total hours of operation per week?
  • How many hours of labor per day are scheduled to the Back of House?
  • How many hours of labor per day are scheduled to the Front of House?
  • How many hours of labor per day are scheduled to the Management?
  • Do you have warranties on equipment expiring?
  • Do you keep track of machine maintenance?
  • Do you approximately know how many menu items you sell a day?
  • What are your top 25 menu items?
  • In one word describe your employees job role.
  • How many covers do you need a day to break even?  Can you lower it?
  • Can you afford to spoil your customers?

Advantage, you!

It is insane to think of how many hours you have to put in and number crunching to find answers to help understand your business.  Our platform is designed to save time and work for you to give you all of these Insights on a daily basis. 

Designed with Security in mind

SSL Employee Transparency IP Restrictions NACHA

About our Bookkeepers

Our Bookkeepers all come from experienced background working in the F&B industry.  Although the general public may not know, this is a tough industry.  We support those that have “paid their dues”.  Either a single parent raising their family or a long time veteran who all of sudden is out of a job because the company she worked for the last X amount of years has just closed.  The members we select to work with already know what it takes to do their job and understand the importance of serving you as their client.


Nexin is affordably priced.  Compare our pricing to others and discover the value and savings we include in our services.

Admin Fees DIY X Plan


Do it yourself


Includes Bookkeeper

.50 ACH In house (DIY) Includes Bookkeeper
.55 Data Entry Automated Accounts Payable Automated Accounts Payable
ACH Bill Pay ACH Bill Pay
Accounting Module Accounting Module
Cash Flow report Cash Flow report
Bulk purchase ordering Bulk purchase ordering
B2B relations B2B relations
Paperless Invoicing Paperless Invoicing
POS Integration Bank reconciliation
Bank transfers
CC reconciliation
Cash Sales Deposits
Chart of Accounts
Financial Statements
Sales Tax
POS Integration